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The history behind this award begins with a wonderful Christian luthier named Clive Morris from the United Kingdom, who had decided to create a cello to financially support AME. He named the cello 9/11 and placed it on the London Tarisio auction to be sold and all of the proceeds to be transferred to AME. In the Spring of 2012, this cello was sold to a Christian lady who bought the cello to praise God at her church in Chicago. In honor of Clive Morris, AME has decided to use part of the 9/11 cello fund to annually honor people like Clive who inspire and empower many with their generous gift and deep faith in God.  During the AME's annual benefit concert, this award will be honored to a Christian artist that embodies what AME is all about. A person that uses their gifting and excellence in the arts to EXALT God above all and EMPOWER the youth by using their platform to EXTEND God's love to all.

Past Angelos Artist Award Recipients:

2012    Mia Chung, Piano

2013    Stephen Clapp, Juilliard Dean  -

2014    Clive Morris, Luthier    -

2015    Hyunah Yu, Soprano   -

2016    Elizabeth Larson, Violinist   -

2017    Gary Parret, Author & Psalmist   -

2018.   Rosie Jon, Artist

2019    Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim   -

2021    Joy Yoojin Kim, Violinist/Singer/Song-Writer   -

2022    Dr. Helen Cha-Pyo, Conductor  -

2023    Thomas Jennings, Pianist & Composer  -

The 2024 Angelos Artist Awardee

Tae Kim

Founder of Jericho Falls Ministry

From an early age, I discovered the profound impact of music. Its fusion with Christianity amplifies its influence exponentially. Since my high school years, I've been privileged to lead worship, guiding God's people into His presence. Over more than three decades of worship leadership, my passion for worship has only deepened.
Driven by a heartfelt calling, I founded Jericho Falls Ministry after college in 1996. We began by leading worship at colleges and youth retreats, eventually hosting our own conferences across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut for over 15 years.  The ministry's vision is based on no holding back worship to break all barriers that keeps us from the loving and joyful Father.   After a 12-year hiatus, God graciously reopened doors for Jericho Falls Ministry in 2020.

I am profoundly blessed with my incredible wife, Jihye, and our three cherished daughters, Kaitlyn, Audrey, and Gabby. Each day, I marvel at God's abundant blessings and His promise of continued provision. In all things, thankfulness is what drives me everyday.   Thank you, Lord!    No Holding Back!

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