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The 2019 Angelos Artist Awardee

Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim

Each year, AME recognizes one individual who embodies the values and traits that represent our organization. For 2019, we are honored to bestow the Angelos Artist Award to Rev Lim!


Reverend Lim is the senior pastor of Light Presbyterian Church in Mississauga (Toronto area), Canada. Since 1997, he has visited North Korea more than 100 times, leading humanitarian efforts in areas of poor development or harsh conditions, especially during the aftermath of the North Korean famine--which is estimated to have killed 500,000 people. He has aided orphanages, nursing homes, nurseries, and much more during his almost 30 years of relief efforts in North Korea. 

In February 2015, he was arrested during one of his humanitarian trips, and sentenced to life in prison under the charges of "crimes against the State" and the North Korean regime was seeking the death penalty against him. Under harsh conditions in the North Korean prison system, he persisted in his faith until August 2017 he was miraculously freed days after a Canadian delegation arrived in NK.

Since his release, he has been a much sought after speaker around the world, sharing the insights he has gained in his years of service, and sharing about the years of faithfulness of God to see him through those times, especially those years of imprisonment. We at AME could not be more excited to present the Angelos Artist Award to Reverend Hyeon Soo Lim, especially in the year we are exploring the Courageous Heart!


The history behind this award begins with a wonderful Christian luthier named Clive Morris from the United Kingdom, who had decided to create a cello to financially support AME. He named the cello 9/11 and placed it on the London Tarisio auction to be sold and all of the proceeds to be transferred to AME. In the Spring of 2012, this cello was sold to a Christian lady who bought the cello to praise God at her church in Chicago. In honor of Clive Morris, AME has decided to use part of the 9/11 cello fund to annually honor people like Clive who inspire and empower many with their generous gift and deep faith in God.  During the AME's annual benefit concert, this award will be honored to a Christian artist that embodies what AME is all about. A person that uses their gifting and excellence in the arts to EXALT God above all and EMPOWER the youth by using their platform to EXTEND God's love to all.

Past Angelos Artist Award Recipients:


2012 Mia Chung

2013 Dean Stephen Clapp

2014 Clive Morris

2015 Hyunah Yu

2016 Elizabeth Larson

2017 Gary Parret

2018 Rosie Jon