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AME is personal to me because without AME, I wouldn't be the same person that I am now.

AME has changed my life!

AME has challenged me in extraordinary ways that have given me a deeper understanding of music and myself. It challenged me in music, to learn it, love it, and know it, in spirituality (making me ask myself questions about my heart condition), and personally, it challenged me to reach for excellence in everything I did. Thank you AME!!

We enjoyed when the guest speakers were able to talk about the theme of having an obedient heart, and we also enjoyed going to the outreach concerts and being able to share our music with other people.

[I loved] everything!! I especially loved the outreach concerts though and touching other people's lives. Honestly, I could rant about how I love every part of AME!

What I think about AME is that it's an awesome string program and it really helps with getting a better relationship with God. I had a lot of fun there and I think I got better at violin. It was easier practicing at AME than at home. It's also more fun practicing there because it was more fun practicing with friends than alone. I can't wait to go back to AME!

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